Friday, March 26, 2010

Links of Note.

Well this week has been tough as I have not been feeling well at all. I had a bit of a breakdown in terms of my lack of exercise and excess of eating and thus gaining of weight. Summer is coming and it is getting warm and I just felt so uncomfortable. So after a day of being sad about it I'm back in the swing of focusing on what is good for my body in terms of food and exercising. It is amazing how easily I forget how great it feels. Do you struggle with similar things? I think we all do from time to time. Anyways, now I can't wait for summer! Yesterday was one of those rainy but warm days that I love.

This weekend I am going to be selling some of my Sam Made things at Blim Market. If you're in the city, you should stop by! Otherwise enjoy your weekends.

Wouldn't it be nice to spend a summer in one of these 'Rolling Homes'.

How incredible does this ice cream parlour sound!

I have always loved popcorns balls. How sweet are these oscar party favours?

A very cute, spring wedding.

It was nearly 19 degrees on Wednesday (that's Celsius). Who couldn't use a good romper?

Want a project for the weekend? Why not try these fabric-covered flower pots?

Or how about making some snazzy recycled jar vases?

I can totally pictures a cute studio apartment with a 'space-saver bed' like these.

This is a very lovely peek into Confetti Systems' studio.

You could try making your own lip balm with this tutorial from Andrea of Lotus Events.

And last, but not least. Why not enter our giveaway hosted by Essimar. She is an incredible artist and you get a unique piece of her work!

Have a good one!


The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Ummm story of my life! I so relate to your food woes. I'm trying my best to eat healthy and exercise, but it's hard! One you start though you're instantly reminded of how good it feels. We'll have to support each other!
XO Katie

Liz said...

I feel you on this! I have a Hawaii vacation coming up first week of May and I am trying to get my little booty into shape. Too bad being motivated to work out sucks :/

ahlin said...

oh my gosh that wedding is so dreamy.

Alicia said...

great links!!!!

Staci K. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The links are great - I think I'm going to make some of those fabric covered flower pots this weekend!

firefly said...

Hope you feel better soon!

lyndsay said...

MIND EXPLOSION. FRANKLIN'S. CAN ONLY USE CAPS NOW, MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN. totes linking this place on my ice cream blog!! thanks for sharing sam!q


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