Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Giveaway: One month sponsor.

I thought that this week I would offer a month of sponsorship for May to Post Grad Hair Cut for one reader's blog, shop, business, etc. To clarify this means an ad of yours on PGHC for May.

To enter just leave your name, email and a favourite PGHC post or series. This giveaway will end April 19th, 2010 at midnight.


Parker said...

Hey Miss Pretty. I love your blog. I especially love your series, "IN my BAG". I'm nosey like that. Wishing you all the lucky and good fortune in the world.

Fritzi Marie

JT said...

I have to agree. In my bag is my fave too : ) Amazing how much stuff some people carry around : )


piccola samurai said...

Me too!!! I love the In my bag! It really gives an insight view on a person's life! And somehow, those bags are so inspiring!!!

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

woweee! sweet giveaway, id love to be a sponsor and we can have a little party and giveaway and CHEERS to blog love! i absolutely adored your Brooch Bouquets post - i spent quite a while with dreamy gazes at those beauties! i might collect bits and baubles to make my own (for fun, no wedding needed!) it was such a sweet, thats my (latest) fave! :D

Miss Makes-a-lot said...

ok, i was so excited about the brooch bouquets and smitten by your mustache profile pic i didnt leave my email address! (oops!)

THANKS again, tehe!

cins said...

i really like your recent post to check out Peter Callesen. i like the variety of art you post.

thanks so much for this opportunity.
cindy of Postal Sketches

Meg said...

ooo how generous of you :) hard to choose, but i think i'll go with your vintage series.

megan lane of pretty things by meg

Alison said...

what a fun giveaway!

let's see, since i'm a new follower, i think my favorite post thus far was vintage: purpule. those glasses look like something straight out of my grandma's closet.

Sunshine Sarah said...

I'm Aleka Sarah Vladareanu, my e-mail is, and my favorite post is:
I'm obsessed with lines and arrows!

Jill Turner said...

Hi! Cool giveaway - I'd love to advertise my blog haha!

I really love the Vintage color posts.

stringsofpurls said...

I love the stitched invitations. Great blog!

Mandy said...

Hey girl! Love all your posts. I find so many cool things on your site. thanks!

Color Collective said...

I loved the back to back Pretty Little Thieves and Confetti System!! I also love the 'Hey, I like you series' (trying not to be bias though!) you have opened my eyes to some incredible blogs!

anne said...

i love the in my bag posts. if everyone saw inside my bag it would be hilarious and quite embarrassing :D
i'll keep my fingers crossed that i win :D

i'm off to check out your shop.

mon ami said...

hi there, In general I love your sense of style that you bring to your posts and selections and specifically I loved your gift series for Valentine's Day.

Thanks for sharing the opportunity!

Diana said...

I'm entering!
Ok, whenever I need to shop online, it's, ebay, and post grad hc to get me through. no joke.

my shop is linked on my blog

La Feem said...

What a nice give away....I'd love to be in the lottery. I can't say which is my favorite, they're all so good all all the time!

Natasha said...

Is it lame that "In my bag" is my favourite series also?

Crossing my fingers and hoping to win! xoxo

Natasha said...

Is it lame that "in my bag" is also my favourite series?

Crossing my fingers and hoping to win! xoxo

Gracie said...

Hello! Good idea for a giveaway, I've been trying to think of one for my blog and I don't actually have anything to give away... way to think creatively!

I enjoyed the actual post describing why your blog was called Post Grad Hair Cut and asking people to upload their post grad hair cuts. It really is a thing people do! Haha

My name's Gracie Johns, email


just a girl said...

I love, love your blog! I totally swooned over those brooch bouquets. Soo dreamy and how awesome that they last forever!

I must also say that I've been haunted bu your Robyn Cumming post. Those first two photos were scary!


North of 25A said...

Great idea - I would love to be sponsored. It is hard to choose...and that is a good thing! I think I will have to go with "Hey I Like You" - thanks!

Cara said...

COOL! i would love to be sponsored by post grad hair cut. !!!


Laura said...

I love your 'Hey I like you' series. Great idea. Great name. What's not to love?

Also, great giveaway. Thanks!

Laura Beauchamp

Brooke said...

thanks for the opportunity! I love post grad hair cut;) it's one of my favorite blog finds ever!! so inspiring every single day!

kadhy said...

my favorite is the «giveaway» part… ;-D
i like your whole blog, you are very active!
greets kadhy

ilene joyce said...

i'm torn between your 'sponsor highlights' and your 'shoe-highlights.' i like seeing what other artists are doing out there -but hey, who doesn't love shoes?!

thanks for doing this giveaway! your blog is incredible! :)


I like the one where you told us what you blog meant that was good. Made sense! Nice to hear about other post grad hair cuts too!

Good idea for a giveaway!


Mark said...

I have just started reading Post Grad Haircut, but I am already smitten!

You find the most beautiful blogs/photos/items!

My favorite post thus far was the one about Fantasy Floral Designs. I grew up with an appreciation for old, enameled costume jewelry and this was a great idea for a new use! The photography stunning, the craftsmanship, unbelievable.

lyndsay said...

cool, sam!

i like your vancouver guide series because you give love to all these lovely local businesses. hooray!



Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Ooo, great giveaway! I also love the "In My Bag" series, as well as all the fabulous stuff you find and share.

bsmithhill said...

I love your Links of Note!
Happy weekend,

bsmithhill said...

Forgot my e-mail-- beccab79[at]gmail[dot]com

Love the kitty in the sombrero :)

Ashley Lynn Fry said...


My favorite PGHC posts are the weekend "Links of Note"... lots of fun finds!

Plus I like all the new pop up windows that arise when I click on the links, makes me feel like my computer is working or something... I'm weird like that.


elyse said...

what a great idea!

i love your post on ruthi auda. her work is incredibly inspiring! thank you for introducing her.

elyse aka: the cultured kids

jennifer young said...

ooo super sweet giveaway! i'd love to win!!!

natalie said...

What a great giveaway! :) I love the "In my bag" series, I always want to know what other people carry around!


Emily said...

I like the tree print!!



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