Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long live books.

I am definitely fascinated by the kindle and the iPad in terms of reading books but I have to say I doubt it would ever replace the real printed word for me. Long live books is a company that makes clever, handmade 'book' covers for your reading devices. You can even customize the text on the cover of yours. Clever!


yunita said...

it's a really good idea...but still reading with Kindle or iPad is not enough for me..i want to be able to underline words that i love or fold the tip of my favorite pages..

Emma Jade said...

i dont like reading electronically, love the pages :)

Corinna said...

I love my books, too. But this is a witty little e-reader carrier... This is the first I've seen for the iPad.

a whole lotta love said...

That is so cute! What a great idea. I'm not really into Kindle.. I LOVE R E A L books, but I know its the new thing. Overheard the other day in a bookstore (coming from a young boy): "Are there any kindles in here?" Kids say the darndest things.

Also, thanks for the nice comments on my blog!!



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