Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guest Post: Fritzi Marie + Giveaway

Happy Wednesday Dear Post Grad Hair Cut Readers.

My name is Fritzi Marie and I'm filling in for Samantha today.
I live in the Seattle area and I love blogging, finding treasure, and making care packages.
When I am feeling down my favorite thing to do to perk myself up is to make a care package for a friend.
My goal is to put all of my energy into that friend by making "happy mail" that will brighten her day.
The most important thing to remember when making a care package is to never expect anything in return.
A true care package (one that helps you heal) is a gift of love.

Here are my tips for making a lovely care package.
-Pick yourself up and decide who you want to make feel special.
-Get out of your house and go somewhere local to pick up a gift.
(The town I live in has a chocolate factory so I like to go and pick up some bumble bee chocolates.)
-Next go to your local shop (I go to Target) to pick up a treat (for you to sip on) and shop with your friend in mind. (Remember: this act of love is not about spending a lot of money, it is about sending happy thoughts out into the world.)
-Now take yourself home and put on your comfies, put a pretty movie on, and spread out all of your goodies and take a good look at them.
-Next is the fun part. Start personalizing your pretties. Grab some treasure (I have a vintage shop and I go to estate sales every Friday to find items for my shop, my home, and my friends.)
-Then get out all of your packing supplies and stationary and get to making everything look like a million bucks. It's all about presentation.

-Write a sweet note, it will make your heart happy.
-Lastly, go to the Post Office and send that package full of happy feelings out into the world. I promise you will feel like a superstar.

Dear Friends of Post Grad Hair Cut,
This package is for you. I wish I could send you all some "happy mail."
To win, post a comment about the most meaningful piece of mail you have ever received and how it made you feel (please include your email address).
I'm sending you all of my love from Seattle.
Make a Wish,


Alyssa said...

i adore putting care packages together and making sure everything looks absolutely perfect before you ship it off so you know when the person on the other end opens it their heart will sing happy happy songs!

I think my favourite piece of mail i have received was a care package from a dear friend in Germany. It had German christmas wrapping paper around everything and made me laugh that it had german words that i could not understand :)

Sam and Livi said...

oh my oh my would i ever love to win! that just happens to be one of my all time favorite movies! one of the most meaningful pieces of mamil i received was from an estranged grandma who took time to send me a lovely little note in college.


Mandy said...

This past Valentine's day I got a Valentine from one of my faraway friends and it made my day since Valentine's day is my favorite holiday anyway and it was just so awesome to know that I was thought of! :D

Meg said...

Today I received a postcard from Japan. I think this was actually the farest I've ever received a postcard or a letter from. I don't remember what the most meaningful note I received was because I haven't sent/receive any mails in a long time..but I started with snail mail again recently so I think the moct meaningful piece is still waiting for me and maybe it won't last long to receive one :) Thank you for this giveaway!

Erin said...

My favorite piece of mail was a package from my younger brother. From his college in WI, he unexpectedly sent me a beat-up paperback copy of A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold, a t-shirt of a cow with the state of WI printed as its spots, and the most precious item: a note on a sheet of notebook paper written in his illegible handwriting. All were things he knew I would love and all were definitively him.

Leesh said...

I totally believe in snail mail and especially care packages. I will admit that I don't send care packages enough and maybe if I did, my life would be much happier.

I was jealous of not being able to participate in a good karma gift swap. I couldn't find the time to commit to it. A fellow blogger sent me a very cute care package along with a Valentine's day card instead. It was so thoughtful and so unexpected. I know that she took the time to put everything together that I would like, and she got it all from reading my blog. Here is what I got:


Anonymous said...

Great tips Kitty. Its inspired me to send Happy Mail to my brother!

I want to share 2 pieces of Happy Mail I've recieved lately:
My fabulous sister sent me a fabulous print of a little girl for my birthday. I adore it and and plan on frame it immediately.

The other was a post card from my mom which she folded into one of my t-shirts in my laundry basket. Such a sweet surprise when i took out the t-shirt and out fell a postcard saying 'i love you'....awww.
beep beep said...

Great post!!

I think my favorite package of all time was from my mom. At the time I just had a miscarriage and was obviously really upset. I came home just days later and saw a package at my door - from my mom. I opened it, and it was a beautiful blanket I had been wanting. It was like she was saying, "I know you are sad - cover yourself up w/ this and mourn - b/c it's ok to."

Teresa said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm inspired!

sara.k said...

one of my most memorable pieces of mail was a postcard from a long-lost friend. i found it in the snow one winter in the bushes beside the front steps of my apartment building. we lived on the main floor of an old house and a group of girls lived upstairs - we all shared the same mailbox, so it must have been dropped one day by accident or taken by the wind. luckily, the snow didn't damage the ink. it was the sweetest, most unexpected note i ever received, telling me how he loved me and knowing that i was in the world was enough. even thinking about it now makes me smile and feel warm inside....

but i love all snail mail. i've been away from home for awhile and i especially love receiving packages from my mom. her notes and little enclosures are always the best!

what a lovely giveaway! thanks of this. xo

Carly said...

This post has definitely inspired me. I love getting all the little trimmings and things already, now I just have to follow through!

The best, most memorable piece of mail I got was during my first semester at college. My aunt sent me an old blanket that I loved and had asked her to repair or turn into something else great. I had asked her so long before, and she'd since gotten very sick, so I was not expecting it at all. She made it into a beautiful, lumpy pillow and included a note about how proud she was of me. The pillow always makes me think of her.

Thanks for the post,

Brooke said...

I LOVE care packages! My aunt sometimes sends them to me, and I LOVE IT! They are always such a great surprise when you are in college and she always puts yummy goodies in them.

The best mail I have ever gotten would have to be tea packages that my dad used to send me. We lived far apart and EVERY holiday (valentines day, st. patricks day, halloween...) was an excuse to send me a box filled with candy and knickknacks and books!! He died a few years ago and having the stuff from all those care packages is such a good reminder of him:)

Rebecca said...

I got a letter from my parents when I graduated from university. It said they were proud of me. I still have it, five years later :)

Melissa said...

It's funny that you created this post because I recently did something similar for a friend's birthday. It was so uplifting to make it for her, and she has expressed her gratitude to my several times!

The most memorable pieces of mail that I used to get were letters from my grandmother. I especially treasure them now that she has recently passed away. Cards and letters are definitely something worth keeping!

Allie said...

Well, I live in Seattle, but I would still love to receive your sweet care package!

Carly L. said...

I love putting together care packages.

My grandpa was a Jehovah's Witness and didn't celebrate birthdays or
Christmas. The most meaningful piece of mail I ever received was a birthday package from him. I knew that he was going against what he believed to send me something because he loved me. I'll cherish the note he sent forever.

Kelsen said...

I remember once when I was having a very, very hard day, I received a letter from a dear friend of mine who I won't be seeing for a while and who I miss dearly. It seemed like he said everything in his letter that I needed to hear that day! It was magical!

Aub-A-Rey said...

I had just been dumped and my two best girlfriends jumped into action by sending two of the sweetest, funniest letters ever. Since they couldn't be with me due to distance, they took time out of their day to make sure I knew they were there for me from afar. My mopey self couldn't help but feel so loved and the rest of my day was amazing! Besides..boys are lame anyway ;)

kittycat said...

ahh i love this giveaway/post because i LOVE mail. i've been given so many awesome gifts in the mail but my most favorite little somethings are always from my boyfriend...he will send me love letters since i live four hours away (for college) and they make me smile SO much.

Libby said...

My best friend and I moved to opposite ends of the country for school, and we were missing each other badly. One day, she sent me a picture--a sort of map of our friendship, filled with hilarious moments we shared. I have it framed on my wall now, and it never fails to make me smile.

Design Darling said...

i love the care package you've assembled. my favorite bits of mail are the handwritten letters my grandmother sends me, typically while i'm at school in pennsylvania but this semester even more meaningfully while i study abroad in france. there is nothing quite like good old-fashioned snail mail!

A Beautiful Party said...

my friend cameron is the best at sending care packages. once she was sending a sweatshirt back to me that I left at her house and she also sent a mermaid barbie doll, gum and a letter of apology for not sending cigarettes. it was a funny package that still makes me laugh.

Little Miss S. said...

So cute. I love to send cards and little things. For a year when we were 16 my best friend and I lived quite far apart - we didn't really have any money, but we did mail each other letters with tiny stuff we found or made or saved. I still have a big box of her colorful letters and all the little presents with them.

Amy said...

When I lived in France for four months, my grandfather sent me a letter EVERY SINGLE WEEK. He's not really a chatty person but he always had something to say and it made me feel wonderful to see my name on the mail call board at least once a week.

amy (dot) i (dot) fox (at) gmail (dot) com

Kristen said...

Kat - my most favorite packages have always come from you. My favorite part of the instructions was "pick up a treat (for you to sip on)"

I'm not entering because I have been a lucky receiver of your pretty packages many times. I am making my wish for the day that someone deserving will win this.

rhart said...

What a lovely idea! My friends and I are all graduating from different schools and after reading this post, I think I'll send them some trinkets and love. One of the loveliest things Ive gotten in the mail was just a simple birthday card from my friend this year. As I've said before, we all go to different schools and my birthday falls on a very stressful time for any college student. But my friend sending me a card reminded me that my birthday was still special to her.


stephanieesstar said...

I lovelovelove receiving mail, and the most memorable pieces I got were from my Mom! When she would take her students to Spain/Mexico/Guatemala etc, she would always send us very sweet postcards telling her favorite thing she'd done or seen! And on mine, she always reminded me to look at the moon and give myself a big hug, because she'd do the same thing where she was, and that's how we'd say goodnight!

harty.stephanie at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

I think I got my best piece of mail just a few weeks ago. This boy I like but who lives in a different city sent me a copy of the book I couldn't find for our mini (just the two of us!) bookclub. What's more, it's his old copy he thought he lost years ago, all beat up, with his name written inside. He bough himself a new copy but then found the old one a few days later and immediately put it in the mail. So sweet.

uglygirl said...

I love to send care packages! I'm working on one right now for a friend living overseas, which contains a mixtape (from our high-school days to present), her fave Aussie magazine, some Aussie letterpress, a crocheted Oreo (she loved Oreos before you could get them in Australia) and some other special items.

As for packages I've received and loved - I just had one today from a stranger as part of a package exchange, containing Pride & Prejudice (I don't own my own copy despite it being one of my favourite novels), a 10-pack of pens (I love stationery and am always searching for pens at work!) and some mints in a little tin (I love tins). I am so excited to have such a fantastic package from someone who doesn't know me.

elissa at iinet dot net dot au

burrito said...

I try to send notes or packages to people who aren't expecting them - I think it makes them feel special and cared for... especially now that real mail is so rare.

One of my good friends from high school moved to Australia shortly after graduation and every now and then she send me a gift from her travels - it makes me feel closer to her knowing she's in some exotic place and still thinks of me!

Tiffany said...

the most meaningful piece of mail ive received as of late came for my birthday from Washington... ;) a pair of owls(one of my favorite birds) and a sweet wish book!!! a few days later i got my pretty new phone... it was a happy mail week indeed... <3

Tiffany said...

my happy mail came from washiton for my birthday... owls and a wish book what more could i ask for... totally made my day that someone was thinking of me and made time to shop for me and send me some pretties...


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